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The site for the portal quality (The site for the portal quality) is a Web site where all Calipso network tools are published.

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Product and Software Process Quality

The Calipso project is a thematic network which is made up of more than 100 researchers from Spanish universities. The network’s objective is that of promoting research into themes related to: production quality and software processes, fomenting collaboration between various nodes and seeking new areas of research, and software quality application.

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PoDQA Tool
Portal Data Quality Assessment

PoDQA (Portal Data Quality Assessment) Tool calculates the level of data quality of a given web portal asked by a user, offering (if is asked) a list of improvements for the data quality in the web portal. Also, PoDQA tool makes rankings of data quality with the web portal evaluated that belong to the same domain.

Calero C., Espadas J. and Moyano F., Alarcos Research Group - E.S. Informática, University of Castilla-La Mancha, Spain -